They call me “Papa Heme”…

I am a board-certified hematologist/oncologist, and am the director of the BMT/malignant hematology fellowship at the University of California San Diego.

If you already know me from Twitter, you know how passionate I am about creating educational content for trainees and anyone in medical-related fields that is simple.

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  • "Papa's Pod", My brand NEW Podcast

  • “Papa Patient’s Corner” - Tailored content for patients (coming soon)

  • Zoom Call Roundtables with my subscribers - where I answer questions and discuss complicated cases (coming soon)

  • Finally, my own music!  I hope you like Beatles and Nirvana!

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About Aaron Goodman M.D.

Aaron Goodman M.D., also known as "Papa Heme," is a hematologist-oncologist based in San Diego, California. He has gained a significant following on social media platforms such as Twitter where he shares his expertise and knowledge on blood disorders and cancer with his followers.

Dr. Goodman uses social media to educate and raise awareness about hematology and oncology, and the impact these diseases can have on individuals and families. His content includes informative posts about specific blood disorders and cancers, updates on the latest research and clinical trials, and helpful resources for patients and caregivers.

One of Dr. Goodman's unique approaches to social media is his use of humor and relatable content to engage with his followers. He often shares personal anecdotes and stories, which not only educate but also provide a sense of empathy and connection with his audience.

Through his social media presence, Dr. Goodman has created a community of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who are passionate about hematology and oncology. He has also used social media to advocate for patients' rights and to address issues related to healthcare disparities and accessibility.

Overall, Dr. Goodman's use of social media has allowed him to extend his reach beyond his clinical practice and make a positive impact on the wider community. His innovative approach to education and advocacy has helped to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and informed healthcare landscape.

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Aaron Goodman "Papa Heme" 

I am a guitar playing hematologist/bone marrow transplanter who enjoys educating trainees!